Volunteers are needed to help the organization reach their goal. A variety of volunteers are needed, such as In Office Volunteers (work in the office filing, cleaning the office, going through photos, etc), Translators (Spanish translators are especially needed), Writers (to write things for certain events, for the news, radio, etc) and Special Event volunteers, who volunteer at several events during the year. If you would like to volunteer, Please contact our office at 888.717.7987


There are a lot of ways for students to spend their time in college, and that includes giving back to the community. Please contact us directly for intership opportunities.


Divine Legacy Foundation is committed to educating the youth in our community on basic personal financial management skills, including understanding of income, money management, saving, investing, spending and credit. Divine Legacy believes that with Improved financial literacy, particularly early in life, results in a higher standard of living over the long term, including retirement. If you are an educator, and would like to offer your assistance, please contact us.




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